API documentation

This is the documentation for OpenJet REST APIs.


  • The APIs are REST based and only support JSON.

  • The output JSON from OpenJet should not be treated as a schema, or fixed. New fields may be added by OpenJet at any time.

  • Calls to the APIs require a secure connection (HTTPS).

  • The APIs are closely modeled on the JSON API specification.

Booking API

OpenJet booking API give you the possibility to retrieve all ressources needed for the creation of a reservation into OpenJet system including the creation/update of an account and the creation of the reservation itself.

Technical documentation: Booking API v1.1

Booking Bar API

The Booking Bar API allows you to connect a booking request form on your website to a branded version of the OpenJet booking funnel. The booking funnel is hosted on our infrastructure but can be accessed behind the subdomain of your choise (such as booking.myairline.net). This feature is activated upon request - please contact sales first.

Technical documentation: Booking Bar API v1.0