OpenJet 360 - Release Notes

Find here the new main features in the last versions.

Version 3.2.9 (Feb. 26th, 2020)


  • Aviowiki Integration: In order to improve the level of information available through OpenJet, we decided to integrate with Aviowiki which allows the user to directly access all airport info in one click.

  • OpenJet Planner: It is now possible to commit OpenJet’s optimization engine solution to automatically inserting flight and activities into fleet and crew planning.

  • Fuel management: Distinction has been done between fuelers and other handlers/ground service available at each airport. a Fuel drawer is now available on each flight view which contains information about these fuelers.

  • OpenJet update notification: An update notification is now displayed in the notification center when a new version of OpenJet has been released.

Fixes and improvements

  • Browser compatibility: Fix flight view access on the Safari browser.

  • Responsive design: Improve visibility on mobile devices.

  • Crew planning: Prevent bug that could happen when creating crew activities when the optimization engine is turned off.

  • Crew planning overview:
    • The current day is now highlighted to improve visibility.

    • Fix bug that could prevent scrolling the customized recurrence form.

  • Flight views:
    • Planning error related dates are now displayed in UTC or Local time depending on user settings.

    • Timeline view’s days are now displayed and translated based on the user’s date locale.

    • Fix bug that could prevent to assign a crew to a flight when the role is not Captain or FO. e.g. Flight engineer.

  • Minor fixes and updates to improve overall stability and performance.

Version 3.2.8 (Jan. 27th, 2020)


  • OpenJet Planner: In addition to modeling the impact of modifications to your planning, OpenJet is now able to automatically find the best solution for you (crew + aircraft) for a specific flight.

In the background, our algorithm checks numerous parameters of your current planning like airplane availability and location or crew location, service time and even qualifications!

Within a few seconds, you will see OpenJet’s recommendation and steps to commit to your planning.

Fixes and improvements

  • Flight hours: Customer previous flight hours display system has been reworked.

  • UI: few minor UI enhancements like automatic text color on top block.

  • My profile: fix broken translation.

Version 3.2.7 (Dec. 4th, 2019)


  • Crew planning: It is now possible to quickly create a roster or an activity by dragging the desired period on the planning overview.

  • Airport information: If you need to display important information for a specific airport, you have the possibility to specify it on the related airport page. Once set, this information will be displayed when creating a new estimate/reservation from/to this airport.

  • Optioned reservation: A new filter has been added to the reservation list to sort the current optioned reservations. Also, optioned flights are now displayed on the flight views with a dedicated icon and a specific counter has been added.

Fixes and improvements

  • Avinode: RFQs are now sorted by last update.

  • Fixed leg price: It is now possible to specify an additional fee on the return flight based on the interval between this return flight and the initial flight.

  • Top customers: Exports are now based on past booked and invoiced flights.

  • Flight views: Fix airplane activity where dates could be incoherent.

  • Airport base: Fix a bug where a blank element could be created when setting airport bases.

  • New airport: Airport fee is no longer automatically created when adding a new airport.

  • Minor fixes and updates to improve overall stability and performance.

Version 3.2.6 (Oct. 23rd, 2019)


  • Aircraft Owner: It is now possible to define one or several owners per aircraft. Once set up, owners will be able to approve/decline the forthcoming flights of their aircraft directly on flight views.

  • Menu bar: Sidebar menu is now togglable everywhere on OpenJet 360.

  • Airport/Handler document: Documents can now be attached to airports and handlers/FBO.

  • Reservation list: It is now possible to sort reservation list by optioned reservations.

Fixes and improvements

  • Avinode:
    • Improved handling of RFQs status outside of OpenJet 360.

    • UI enhancement: it is now possible to search by trip ID; fixed broken icon.

  • Availability Check: New loader.

  • Reservation:
    • Empty legs flight time is now displayed on the reservation.

    • Fix negative price on flight price that caused bugs on the reservation. Only prices >= 0 are now allowed.

    • Fixed Decline cause translation.

    • Fixed bug that made edited leg timezone was not coherent.

  • Reservation list: “Current booked time” filter now includes all flights of the current day even if the hour of the flight has been passed.

  • Sales documents: Sales documents have been updated upon request.

  • FBO: Default FBO are now highlighted on airports page.

  • Leg price: Fixed bug when deleting a fixed leg price/shuttle.

  • Business unit: Default business unit is now displayed on the business unit list. Also, a default BU is now mandatory.

  • Charter: Fixed case where charter flight with tail assigned was displayed incorrectly.

  • Pricing Profile: UI and Pricing Profile creation form have been updated.

  • UI: Color enhancement in dark mode.

  • Minor fixes and updates to improve overall stability and performance.

Version 3.2.5 (Oct. 2nd, 2019)

Fixes and improvements

  • Sales Documents:
    • Credit note templates and traduction has been fixed and is now well generated.

    • Second line address of handlers is now well displayed on boarding pass.

  • User Interface:
    • Background color of disabled elements has been changed.

    • Cancel buttons now redirect to the list with default filters enabled.

  • Availability Check: Fixed false negative results.

  • Company Bases: the list of airports has been cleaned and updated.

  • Crew Activities: Activities’ icon color change in dark mode to increase visibility.

  • Customer Type: Clicking on the counter now redirects to the list of customers of the related type.

  • Minor fixes and updates to improve overall stability and performance.

Version 3.2.4 (Aug. 21st, 2019)


  • Dark mode: By inverting the colours of OpenJet’s UI, you can put less strain on your eyes, improve the readability of text. Dark mode settings is available for each user within their profile preferences.

  • OPS logs: Actions and modifications on a leg are now logged and directly displayed on a new “log” drawer tab.

  • Aircraft tab: Aircraft information, handover message and fuel on board information are now available on aircraft tab.

  • Additional invoices: Additional invoices system has been reworked. It is now possible to create additional invoices, link it to a customer, add description and generate the document based on company’s template.

  • Aircraft pictures: It is now possible to set a picture per aircraft type or for each aircraft. This picture could be used for external booking processes or company documents.

Fixes and improvements

  • Lots of minor fixes, code cleanup and updates to improve overall stability and performances.

  • Clean optimization engine code to improve stability.

  • Reservation:
    • Fix VAT incoherence when submitting negative additional services (e.g. refund).

    • Fix bugs when creating a reservation with specific customer type/tag.

    • Fix boarding pass generation on some specific cases of charter reservations.

  • Flight views/OPS:
    • Leg origin is now displayed in case of external creation.

    • Flights having an external origin (e.g. FlyingSoft) are now allowed to be deleted.

    • Rename conflict wording “NEW/OLD” to “SALES/OPS”

    • Tab comments and logs are now not displayed when empty.

    • Several text clean.

    • Fix airplane position display when airport has no ICAO.

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Aircrew positioning view has been reworked.

    • Clean mail services.

Version 3.2.3 (Jul. 10th, 2019)


  • Planning simulation request: Before changing the assignment of aircrews on a flight, you will now be able to simulate the modification and visualize the resolution/conflict this modification can occur regarding FTL before committing your changes.

Fixes and improvements

  • Estimate: Only active airplane types are now displayed when creating new estimate.

  • Flight views: Fix Captain and Officer select input that were inverted.

  • Routing error: Routing error page has been reworked in order to be more useful than simply alert the user. Now you have the possibility to click on a routing error to directly access the related flight and do according modifications.

  • Flight Views:
    • Empty legs are now stripped to increase visibility of the flight planning.

    • Tails are now displayed by alphabetical order.

    • Flight list: Airplane unavailability (such as schedule maintenance, cleaning..) date format is now well displayed according company’s configuration.

  • Reservation: It is now possible to filter the origin (Avinode, Amadeus..) of a reservation in reservation list.

  • Documents:
    • Date format has been changed to en_GB format instead of US format on english documents.

    • Flight number has been added to sales boarding pass.

    • Document update form validation has been fixed.

  • Amadeus:
    • Availability Search speed has been significantly speed up.

    • Add Amadeus’s merchant ID in OpenJet configuration.

    • It is now possible for each company to manage their cancellation policy through Amadeus-OpenJet’s configuration.

    • Fix dates and time zones on availability and booking when not provided by Amadeus.

    • Mail notification is now sent when a new reservation is created from Amadeus funnel.

    • Amadeus reservations are now added to log.

    • Pax are now automatically inserted in the reservation when provided.

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Expected date format is now specified next to each date input.

    • Aircrew airport qualification naming has been fixed.

Version 3.2.2 (Jun. 5th, 2019)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Pilot App API: We have worked on pilot app API in order to deploy an improved version of the app which includes several improvements on the crew calendar.

  • Reservation: Empty leg/Ferry flight prices are now properly updated when changing pricing profile.

  • Reservation list: It is now possible to access a reservation by clicking on the reservation number. In addition, the height of the sales comments field has been fixed to improve visibility on small screen.

  • Form field helpers: An improved form help system is now used. This will help us to show useful information directly next to form field, like date format.

  • Bulk actions: Multiple delete is now allowed on several list.

  • Crew list: Endorsement popover height has been fixed and is now scrollable.

  • Navbar: Fix badge display on small screen.

  • Estimate: It is now possible to define a pricing profile when setting up a quick estimate.

  • Pricing profile intervals: It is now possible to sort pricing profile interval list.

  • Role: User’s current role is now displayed on the right side of the top bar.

  • Logout: Add logout to favorite page option.

  • Flight comment: Flight comment list has been reword and improved.

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Color picker field has been redesigned

    • Fix export button dropdown

    • Fix wording issues

    • Fix some window resize issues

Version 3.2.1 (May. 20th, 2019)


We’ve entirely redesigned the platform with a friendlier interface.

Faster and more stable, this new responsive interface allows you to access the platform directly from your mobile device(s).

Although the main features remain the same, this new design has lead us to rethink the way we use OpenJet and opens up new possibilities and features like a brand new reservation page which should be released soon.

Avinode updates

The RFQ page has been slightly modified to include new informations like quote number, client number, and the ability to choose a pricing profile.

A complete walk-through of the Avinode features can be found in the online documentation. Thank you for your feedback!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Flight list: incorrect date format has been fixed.

  • Manual flight time: Fix error when setting an incoherent flight time

  • Airplane Schedule: Disabled airplanes are no longer displayed when creating a new activity.

  • Improved optimization engine stability and performances.

Version 3.2.0 (Mar. 13th, 2019)


  • AVINODE INTEGRATION: Operators can now automatically synchronize their schedules with Avinode and automatically retrieve and process Avinode quotation requests within the platform. To learn more, please refer to the documentation.

  • Freelance duty: Crews flying for an operator not using OpenJet can now input their duty and flight duty periods into OpenJet in order to have accurate FTL counters that consider the whole activity of a crew. These “Off company” duties are also displayed on the crew planning.

  • Empty leg duration: Estimates now include the routing, duration and prices of each empty legs necessary to operate the commercial flight with their duration.

  • New planner message: When checking the feasibility of a reservation, instead of retrieving a simple yes/no message, the response will be more precise. e.g. “No aircraft available” or “No captain available”.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved optimization engine stability and performances

  • Fixed leg price: It is now possible to define a price for a round trip instead of creating two distinct fixed price. In the same way, it is also possible to define a price for multiple airplane types at the time.

  • Crew state: Fixed bug that can trigger an incoherent crew status error on old flights.

  • Crew form: Base and Default Base fields are now mandatory when submitting the form.

  • Hidden user: We have now the possibility to hide a specific user upon request while keeping the user active. e.g. administrators, support or third-party users.

  • Crew qualification: Fix bug that can trigger an incoherent crew qualification error on specific routes.

  • Credit note: Fixed error that can occur when generating a credit note.

  • Dashboard: Fixed error that can occur when clicking on a widget.

  • Company settings: Default airport base dropdown list field has been replaced by a search field.

  • Estimate: Fix flight duration calculation that could be not coherent according to the used pricing profile.

  • Grid system: To prepare the design update of the platform, we’ve continued the integration of this new system which adds flexibility for future improvements.

Version 3.1.3 (Dec. 6th, 2018)


  • Duty report system: Pilots are now able to submit a single duty report which includes all sectors of a duty instead of several flight reports. This leads to the creation of a duty report list which will allow you to manage and review duty reports.

Fixes and improvements

  • Revenue: Fix revenue page

  • Security: Improved security when generating spreadsheet documents.

Version 3.1.2 (Nov. 22th, 2018)


  • NEW FLIGHT LIST: Our brand new Flight list is now available and replace the initial flight view. This new version is build on the same principles as the two other flight views and is significantly faster and easier to use! To learn more about the new flight list, please refer to the dedicated section of the documentation.

  • New grid system: We continue the integration of this new system that will allow us more flexibility regarding future developments and improvements. This leads to slightly redesign some views like, pricing profile, fbo, airport and airplane lists.

  • Aircraft information: Handover message and fuel onboard information are now available on each aircraft management page and will be soon available directly on each flight view.

  • Average flight time: OpenJet now allow user to compare theoretical flight time along with real average flight time based on previous flights of the same type (same route and aircraft). This system is for now available on reservation and estimate page.

  • Multi-passports: It is now possible to define which passport should be taking into account for each passenger on the reservation.

Fixes and improvements

  • Currency: Fix real-time currency exchange rates

  • Documents: Fix some case where PDF generation was not working.

Version 3.1.1 (Nov. 8th, 2018)


  • New grid system: We continue the integration of this new system that will allow us more flexibility regarding future developments and improvements. This leads to slightly redesign some views like crew and aircraft activity lists.

  • Multi-passports: It is now possible to define several passports for each crew and customer.

Fixes and improvements

  • Aircraft scheduling: Fix cases where aircraft activity creation was not possible.

  • Aircrew management:
    • Fix file attachment system on crew management page.

    • Fix “Previous landing” section that was not displayed properly.

  • Customer list: Related contacts are now displayed when searching on a specific account.

  • Reservation: Fix reservation’s built-in customer creation.

  • Airport: Fix airport slot restriction calendar.

Version 3.1.0 (Oct. 11th, 2018)


  • New grid system: A new grid system has been implemented that will allow us more flexibility regarding future developments and improvements. This leads to slightly redesign some views like user, customer, reservation, aircraft lists in a more user-friendly way, and the deletion of left menu.

Fixes and improvements

  • Framework update: Overall improvement of the system’s performance and security.

  • Improved optimization engine performance.

  • Flight watch: The export of flight watch information now precise the source of each data (NMOC flight watch or crew flight report)

  • Country blacklist: Fix blacklisted country management page.

  • Salesforce: Add new fields to Salesforce synchronization in order to compute more precise turnover.

  • Crew endorsement and qualification: Fix Aircrew date warning email dates that were not coherent when an endorsement was already expired.

Version 3.0.9 (Sept. 27th, 2018)


  • Documents: Catering information have been modified according to Wijet’s team specification.

  • Planning Overview: The planning overview is now compatible for printing by simply using your web browser printing tool (CTRL+P).

  • Delays/On time: This report will allow company to export some statistics about delayed/on time flights on the overall fleet, by aircraft or for a specific route.

  • Flight watch: This report allow to export all NMOC (information retrieved from EUROCONTROL) information such as real block off/on time, or actual flight time for specific list of flights.

All of these reports are available under the menu Report -> Exports.

Fixes and improvements

  • Framework update: Overall improvement of the system’s performance and security.

  • FBO Request: fix FBO e-mail customization page.

  • Customer: fix customer full name research.

Version 3.0.8 (Sept. 13th, 2018)


  • Wijet Documents:
    • Payment terms have been modified according to Wijet’s team specification.

    • Integration of new Honda Jet pictures.

  • CO2 emissions: This report will allow users to export fuel consumption and calculate accordingly the CO2 emissions of each flight.

NB: These calculations of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions do not secure an automatic compliance with the requirements of the EU ETS and must be verified by an accredited auditor.

  • Top routes: This report display a classification of the most frequently operated routes.

  • Airplane availability: This report shows user statistics about overall availability of their fleet, by exporting downtime and percentage of availability of each aircraft.

All of these reports are available under the menu Report -> Exports.

Version 3.0.7 (Aug. 30th, 2018)


  • Crew planning: It is now possible to create recurrent activities in a single click instead of creating each activity one by one.

  • Deactivate aircraft: It is now possible to disable an aircraft by simply ticking a checkbox on the aircraft page. The related aircraft will not be longer taking into account regarding operations and optimization.

Fixes and improvements

  • Report: Fix “Flight from/to particular airports” report.

  • Additional Services: Fix additional service list display issue.

  • Pricing: Fix pricing per tail.

  • Reservation: Fix wording and display issue on document mail status.

  • Reservation list:
    • Fix some cases where cancelled reservations were not displayed correctly.

    • Implementation of a color scheme for the route: grey for past flights and red for cancelled flights.

  • Calendar View:
    • Fix cases where alert were not displayed if no crew was defined.

    • Fix flight overview status that were not coherent with status of the flight in certain case.

Version 3.0.6 (Aug. 1st, 2018)


  • Planning overview: The view now integrates a setting system that will allow the user to customize his view by choosing the crew type but also select periods to view by date and also have the ability to see total ON, OFF, LEAVE, SICK etc.. for chosen periods.

To learn more about the new planning overview please refer to this dedicated documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • Reservation: Fix “check availability” feature. As a reminder, this feature allows sales team to automatically check the feasibility of a reservation according to the actual planning, aircraft and crew availability/ FTL.

  • Reservation list: fix cases where the flight of the last reservation was not displayed.

  • Document: Bank details have been modified according to Wijet’s team specification.

  • Crew planning: fix positioning flight creation directly on the crew planning.

  • Pricing profiles: fix new pricing profile creation form.

Version 3.0.5 (Jul. 5th, 2018)


This version of OpenJet includes our brand new planning overview which will allow users to manage their crew roster and activities in much easier and faster.

To learn more about the new planning overview please refer to the dedicated section of the documentation.

Version 3.0.4 (Jun. 21th, 2018)


This version is now connected with Eurocontrol which will allow users to track their fleet by displaying a second row which represents the realization of the flight in real time (according to data provided by Eurocontrol’s NMOC). This new version is also significantly faster and easier to use.

To learn more about the new planning overview please refer to the dedicated section of the documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • Document: Fix tax calculation on documents when changing currency.

  • Reservation: Fix passenger information that was missing on Ops side when copying pax from one leg to another new flight.

  • LogTen Pro: Duty times are now sent once per duty and not on each sector.

  • Flight View:
    • OPS tab now displays both Flight report and Flight watch information (if available)

    • Fix cases where aircraft position could be incorrect.

  • Optimizer:
    • Improved optimization engine stability

    • Fix cases where overlap between activities could induce false error message.

Version 3.0.3 (May. 24th, 2018)

Fixes and improvements

  • Empty legs: Fix cases where the positioning flight between two flights with different departure airport was missing on a reservation.

  • Document: Cancellation terms have been modified according to Wijet’s team specification.

  • Reservation: Fix blank page when a user tries to edit an additional service that has been removed by another user.

  • Tax: It is now possible to change additional service’s tax on documents edition.

  • LogTen Pro: Correct incorrect values

  • Roles and rights: Add possibility to define the Timeline view as the default view for a role.

  • Customer:
    • Fix research error when entering special/insecure characters

    • Prevent error when specify wrong dates

  • Estimate: Fix estimate functionality

  • Pilot App: Correct a case where pilots were not able to access their flight logs.

  • FTL:
    • Add possibility to deactivate automatic big rest at the end of planning.

    • Fix “normal flight duty max time” label.

    • Prevent conflict issue between certain activity type.

    • Add possibility to force extended/split duty in crew planning.

Version 3.0.2 (May. 9th, 2018)


  • Reservation list: A much faster version of the reservation list has been implemented. Moreover, this version is no longer limited to a 6-month period when doing some research.

  • Airport Map: A Google map of each airport is now available on each airport page base on airport GPS coordinates.

Fixes and improvements

  • New FTL engine version

  • SalesForce: All prices sent to Salesforce will now be send without tax. Those data will be automatically sent every night.

  • Timeline View:
    • Implementation of a current hour indicator.

    • Fix some display issues.

    • Add a “+” button which allows to create a new ferry flight next to “Pending.”

  • Tax:
    • Review of the tax calculation process and fix cases where tax could be incoherent.

    • This also prepared the development of a completely new system of tax which will replace our actual tax management system.

  • Split Duty: Split duty break duration is now displayed on each split duty of the crew planning.

  • QA: Some minor fixes like missing, incorrect translations and display issues.

Version 3.0.1 (Apr. 25th, 2018)


  • Timeline view is live !

    This first version of the timeline is not connected with Eurocontrol yet, but has been designed to and we look forward to your feedback ! This integration should be enabled shortly.

Fixes and improvements

  • New optimization engine version which include some fixes and stability improvements.

  • Document: Fix reservation number and document number that were inverted on invoices.

  • Handling request: Fix cancellation requests that are now automatically sent when the flight is deleted.

  • Calendar view: Fix some case where false alerts were displayed in flight summaries.

  • Split Duty: Fix split duty status that was wrongly displayed on certain non-split duty.

  • Reservation: Fix a bug that blocked booking of an optioned reservation.

  • Pricing: The price generated by the empty leg calculation helper is now coherent.

  • Flight report: Flight report generation has been redesigned. There is now a two-step (generate and download) process.

    This will allow users to edit a flight report and until they have generated the new version of the flight report, the original one will still be available for download.

Version 3.0.0 (Apr. 12th, 2018)


  • Per seat booking: It is now possible to link several reservations on a flight instead of booking the whole aircraft.

    Depending on your company settings, OpenJet will be able to create per seat reservations on a specific reservation, for all the reservation of a specific aircraft, aircraft type, etc.

  • Shuttle flights: OpenJet now allows to create recurrent reservations like shuttle flights at once instead of creating the reservation one by one.

  • Customer tax number: It is now possible to specify the tax number (VAT ID) of a customer. This information will be displayed on the invoice/pro forma.

  • Wijet document: An updated commercial document is now available according to the sales team latest specifications.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved optimization engine performance.

  • Positioning view: Activities are now distinct by date in order to improve the readability of the view.

  • Aircraft scheduling: Fixed bug where some activities were not displayed across two months.

  • Flight list:
    • Fixed bug where mission was put back into pending when deleting the aircraft.

    • Fixed bug where leg was not displayed on flight list.

    • Fixed bug where qualification state was not coherent.

  • Crew planning: Add tooltip when hovering activities to avoid some case where the message was not fully displayed.

Version 2.9.9 (Mar. 29th, 2018)


  • LogTen Pro integration V2: Logbook export is now fully integrated including day/night distinction, number of landing/take off etc. For more information please see the documentation.

  • New login screen: redesigned and now compatible with smaller screens/devices.

  • Independent flight view: Calendar view and the future Timeline view are now working even if the Optimization engine is not available.

  • Security system: New security system has been implemented to prevent some vulnerabilities.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved optimization engine performance.

  • Sunrise/Sunset: Improved performances on sunrise/sunset calculation.

  • Admin/password management: user, admin and password management has been redesigned to prevent data breach. Also “Super Admin” role is now reserved to OpenJet team.

  • Crew calendar: Default calendar’s month is now defined according UTC time instead of local time

Version 2.9.8 (Mar. 14th, 2018)


  • LogTen Pro integration: Crews are now able to export their logbook from OpenJet platform ! For more information, please see the documentation (

  • Built-in support: It is now possible to report a bug directly in OpenJet by clicking on the “bug” icon at the right-end of the menu bar.

  • Support platform: A brand new help center is now available, to submit requests, improvements and bugs. Each issue submitted can now be followed until resolution. Please note that emails sent to will be turned into support tickets automatically.

  • Wijet Sales documents: A new version of sales documents is now available according to sales team needs.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved optimization engine performance.

  • Decline cause: Decline cause system has been redesigned. It now possible to type a custom and explicit decline cause instead of choosing between predefined causes.

  • Reservation export: Decline cause are now precised when exporting reservations.

  • Estimate: Pricing profile is now displayed when estimate a reservation.

  • Positioning View: If defined activities icon are now displayed. New positioning creation has been redesigned.

  • FBO requests: Cancelled FBO requests are now managed in the FBO request list.

  • Crew airport qualification: dates are now displayed in yellow/red when the qualification is almost/already expired.

  • Revenue: Export of revenue report page is now up to date.

  • Planning: Airport from based on crew location is now pre-filled when creating a positioning activity on planning.

  • Calendar view:

  • Sales informations and comments are now available on pending flights.

  • Improved display on small screen.

  • Date format is now display according to company settings.

  • Conflict design improvement.

  • Fixed: Loader position on calendar view.

  • Fixed: Empty leg creation on planning/calendar.

  • Fixed: Some case where duty where oversized.

  • Fixed: Error when moving departure date after initial arrival date on calendar view.

  • Fixed: Calendar view’s “Pilot App” state is now coherent.

Version 2.9.7 (Mar. 1st, 2018)


  • Automatic FBO cancellation: If a reservation is cancelled and the handling request(s) of the related flight(s) are already sent/OK, a cancellation request will be sent to the handler automatically.

  • Positioning view: A new “Positioning view” is now available in the “Crew” menu. This page allows users to visualize and manage all crew positioning activities from one location and track if the crew has acknowledged their positioning through the Pilot App.

  • Activities Icon: It is now possible to define an icon for each crew activity. If defined, this icon will be displayed on planning overview.

  • Third party (Jet Smarter) view: administrators can now define (“tails access” section under “user” menu) which information a user can see in the calendar view: which aircraft, for a specific interval of date, or only ferry flights, standard flights or both.

  • Hide FTL warning/alert on crew planning: It is now possible to hide/display FTL warnings and alerts on a crew planning by ticking a checkbox on the right-top of the page.

  • Fuel on board: Fuel left on board logic on pilot app has been modified in order to be more accurate.

  • FTL reduced rest: It is now possible to define if reduced rest should impact next max FDP or not.

  • Flight status overview: It is now possible when hover a flight on the calendar view to the visualize flight status without opening the drawer.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved optimization engine performance.

  • Improved loading times on calendar view.

  • Linked reservation has been moved to “Sales” tab of the drawer on the calendar view.

  • FTL alert messages are now more precise and explicit.

  • Fixed: FTL status on flight overview was not coherent.

  • Fixed: conflict on departure airport not displayed on the drawer.

  • Fixed: drawer not refreshed when creating pre/post positioning flight.

  • Fixed: drawer was not displayed when clicking several times on a leg.

  • Airport navigation and selection is now possible with keyboard arrow/enter keys.

  • It is now possible to edit a pending flight without assigning it to an airplane.

  • Alert message when submitting flight report on pilot app is now more explicit.

Version 2.9.6 (Feb. 15th, 2018)


  • New document system: It is now possible to link one or several documents to aircrew, crew endorsements, airport qualification, reservation and aircraft.

  • File list: Documents uploaded to the platform can be managed from the “file list”, in the “Configure” menu.

  • Aircraft document rework: Along with the new document system, it is now possible to specify a number, date of issue, and some notes for each document linked to an aircraft.

  • Calendar View ops save all data: A single button to submit changes in the “Ops” tab of the calendar view (same logic will be applied for the whole drawer).

  • Calendar View FBO request per mission: FBO requests are now sent per mission (arrival + departure) to the FBO in the same email.

  • Crew airport qualification view: A new way to manage aircrew qualification “Crew Airport Qualifications” is now available in the “Crew” menu. This view will allow user to search information per crew or airport.

  • Calendar view FTL alert display: All FTL alerts are now well displayed in the FTL tab of the calendar view.

  • Calendar view FTL ACK: It is possible to ACK FTL warnings directly in the FTL tab of the calendar view. Once FTL warnings are ACK’ed, FTL status will turn to green.

  • Crew Expiry dates view: A new way to manage crew endorsements “Crew Expiry dates” is now available in the “Crew” menu. This view lets you search information per crew or endorsement.

  • Reservation number search: It is now possible to search and retrieve reservations by their reservation number/trip folder into the reservation list.

Fixes and Improvements

  • FTL alert messages are now more precise and explicit.

  • Improved Optimization engine performance.

  • Fixed “rest required” on Flight reports/FTL worksheets.

  • Fixed random FTL alerts in crew planning.

  • Fixed some case where FTL warning ACK in the flight list was not working.

  • Flight list tooltip display is now fixed when updating a flight.

  • Disabled crews are now no longer available for selection in the Calendar View/Flight List and are not displayed on other crew management pages.

Version 2.9.5 (Feb. 1st, 2018)


  • Optional endorsement dates: It is now possible to submit endorsement for a crew without specifying a due/expiry date.

  • Enhanced FBO request: Handling request changes are now highlighted in the email sent to the handler.

  • Observer access to Pilot App: Observer now has full access to aircraft list and information in the Pilot app.

  • Calendar view save all data: A single button to submit changes in the “Overview” tab of the calendar view (same logic will be applied for the whole drawer).

  • Wijet quotation: Remove “Flight Price” line on quotation.

  • Reduce Rest: Reduce rest update integration.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed duty start time on Flight reports/FTL worksheets.

  • Fixed crew pairing state consistency.

  • Fixed Pilot ACK when changing handling request status.

  • Fixed sales/ops conflict resolver on flight list.

  • Fixed customized handling requests on flight list.

  • Fixed service box.

  • Fixed Pilot pp crash when ACK non-flying activities.

  • Forced HTTPS protocol / API implicit authorization: Solved security issues and prevent Calendar view logout (blank page).

  • Add Implicit Authentication route to API log: Error tracking system which will help us to resolve issues on the platform.

Version 2.9.2 (Dec. 7th, 2017)


  • Tax on documents: Fix certain cases, where tax values displayed on documents were not coherent with the reservation

  • Invoice generation: Fix certain cases where several invoices were generated in one click.


  • Roster optimisation: Crew rosters are now integrated into OpenJet’s optimizer. This will allow to define alert displayed if a roster is not respected when assigning crew on a flight.

  • Handling request fix: All values of the FBO request including comments are now well sent.

  • Leg color in calendar view: Fix certain case where leg color is still yellow despite all status are green.

  • Airport alternates: It is now possible to manually select the desired airport.

  • Crew suggestion: crew suggestion is now fixed.

  • Counters on the calendar view: Conflict and delete counters are now accurate.

  • Handling request: Sending handling/FBO request is now possible on calendar view by clicking on airport tab of a flight.

  • General aviation report: information is now well displayed.

  • Date on planning overview: Date lin is now fixes when scrolling down planning overview.

  • Roster on planning overview: Roster color is now displayed in Activity tab of the planning overview.

  • Alphabetical order on planning overview: Crew’s trigram are now sorted by alphabetical order when clicking on « order by position »


  • Expiry date export: all information is now well displayed into exported file.

  • Leg change notification: It is now possible to define the interval before the leg departure where notifications are not sent to ops/pilot in company general configuration.

  • PHP 7: deployed a new version of the programming language used by OpenJet in order to increase global performance.

Version 2.8.13 (Aug. 26th, 2017)

Sales role

  • A 4-step sales process including Flight Confirmation.

  • Pricing profiles intervals: you can now had a specific pricing profiles for flights occuring at short notice.

  • Pricing profiles period calendar: you can define which profile is used by default in any period of time in a dedicated calendar.

  • You can define a fixed fee for empty legs in the pricing profile and a specific minimum flight time for empty legs.

  • You can now link accounts between them.

  • Charter prices appear in the Cube export.

Ops role

  • No more limitation on the number of crew in a roster

  • Layout and Wording changes for expiry dates.

  • Default expiry dates entries: a new pilot will have the default items with today’s date upon creation.

Version 2.8.10 (May 26th, 2017)

Sales role

  • Log for Reservation status change: time and person in charge is registered in the log of the reservation when the status is modified.

Ops Role

  • Update Duty Start in a crew’s planning if the hour differs from the duration before flight registered in the FTL parameters.

  • In the optimization algorithms, a new duty counter threshold is added, set by default to 95 hours in any 14 consecutive days.

Version 2.8.8 (Apr. 26th, 2017)

Sales role

  • Update of the Customer Structure with Accounts and Contacts:
    • Customers are treated as “Accounts”

    • Account could be either “Companies” or “Individuals”

    • Passengers are “Contacts” with a simplified form

  • The customer list have an option to display Accounts, Contacts, or Both, and show which individuals or contacts is linked to an account.

Pilot App

  • Pilots can now see the Next Available Check In in the Schedules/Duties page.

Version 2.8.4 (Mar. 16th, 2017)

Sales role

  • Empty legs are dissociated from Additional services so you can more precisely set the info you want show in your sales documents.

  • Multi currency: you will find in your reservation a mean to change currency right under the total price.

  • You can manually edit the exchange rate in the reservation.

  • The default exchange rates can be either fixed or updated live with the official rate from the European Central Bank.

  • The default exchanges rate can be set in the menu: pricing/ currencies list.

  • All times are indicated with their reference: UTC or Local.

  • The Customer form has been updated with new fields:
    • Catering / Newspaper Preferences

    • Special Pricing Considerations

    • Family Information

    • Business Information

    • Likes

    • Dislikes

OPS Role

  • You can now edit all flights items from the Calendar view.

  • Please note that Sales team won’t get a notification but the reservation is updated accordingly.

  • Quick access to Pending, Conflicts and Deleted legs in the future in the upper part of the Calendar view.

  • Crew Changes and Aircraft maintenace are displayed in the Calendar view.

  • Customizable Check List: you can create a Check List with the items you of your process and fil it per leg.

  • FTL report: more complete with 7 days duty counter displayed by day.

  • Ground staff planning and Pilot App access.

Pilot App

  • You can enter the Fuel in the refueler unit, the pilot app makes automatically the conversion, given the density if needed.

Version 2.8.2 (Jan. 31th, 2017)

  • You can add a flight attendant to your trip.

  • Flight attendant are provided access to the pilot app.

  • They have the same layout as for pilot and can see the schedule and catering remarks made there.

  • A subcharter section is accessible in the calendar view to see “3rd. party charter” for awareness

  • You can unset a FBO if handling is not needed (for an empty flight for instance).

Version 2.8.1 (Jan. 15th, 2017)

This is a major release with new features and many changes in the architecture of our system.

Sales role

  • Multi pricing: you can have more than one Pricing profile for your environment channel (B2B). Go to Pricing/ Pricing Profile and create a new pricing profile. Set a name and add a new channel set to B2B. Upon creation, you can copy content from another profile and update it. In the reservation, you can switch between up to 3 profiles set on B2B channel: leg prices and additional services are updated upon switching.

For further understanding about channels:

  • B2B is for reservations made by you on your environment

  • B2C is for reservation coming from our website

  • Agency is for reservation from travel agencies and Amadeus.

  • Show details on a price: If you get your mouse on the pie symbol next to the leg price in the Green portion for price, a bubble box will show you the details used for leg price calculation.

  • Flight Numbers: If you provide us with your specific pattern to assign flight numbers, the flight number will be automatically generated for each reservation. Charter dedicated data are now sorted in the chronological order and show date

  • View manager: in each table with data such as the Customer List, you can create a new view and choose displayed data columns in this view. Thus you can customize the date you want to export.

OPS role

  • Expiration dates now have a control date to save initial occurence date and a free text for details. Expirations items are now ordered in the combo box.

  • Calendar View. In the Settings section, you can select respectively from left to right: which tails are displayed, the airport code used (IATA, ICAO or FAA), date and duration on display, which types of flight are displayed, which flight status are displayed.

You can change dates on the upper left corner:

  • The first icon is a date picker: the chosen date will appear on the leftmost day in the view.

  • The simple arrow are to change dates by one day and the double arrow to change dates of the duration displayed.

  • Click on a leg to edit it in a drawer on the right side. Status are in the same as in the old flight list. You can interact on some flight status to edit the data in the corresponding tab. For each item you change in the drawer, click on save to update the database.

Version 2.7.1 (Dec. 12th, 2016)

  • Link to ACU-K-WIK database.

  • Link to PPS software.

  • Link to CAMP software.


  • Added PAX weight.

Version 2.7.0 (Oct. 28th, 2016)


  • Available on AppStore.

  • See tutorial and details: Pilot App Tutorial.

OPS role

  • Planning: it is not possible to assign the same person twice on an activity.

Sales role

  • Edit ProForma.

  • Comments in reservations are exportable in the Cube Export.

Version 2.6.0 (Aug. 17th, 2016)

Customizable Start Page according to User role:

  • OPS : Dashboard, Flight List or planning overview.

  • Sales : Dashboard or reservation list.

Chief Pilot role

  • New format for FTL report

Sales/Admin role

  • New reservation lists.

  • Correction of spelling error on boarding pass.

  • Data exports: – Yearly, monthly and weekly Revenue report – Legs list reports with filter on crew/tail

  • Update of customer typification.

OPS role

  • Resolution of a bug related to FTL calculation

Version 2.5.7 (Jun. 23th, 2016)

  • New Charter document customization. See Reservation section.

Version 2.5.6 (Jun. 10th, 2016)

  • New weight units management.

  • Expiration dates can now be set for all crew on expiration date page. See Crew section.

  • Flight list date filter. See Flight ops section.