Pilot App - Release Notes

Find here the new main features in the last versions.

Pilot App 1.11.0 (Jun. 5th 2019)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Changed the planning page to show more activities related to the pilot

  • Removed several unused API routes and data attributes

Pilot App 1.10.4 (Dec. 6th, 2018)


  • Duty report: Instead of submitting one flight report for each sector. It is now possible to submit a duty report which includes all activities of a duty. It is a huge time saver for pilot who now only needs to fill a single report.

Fixes and improvements

  • Lots of minor fixes to improve overall stability.

Pilot App 1.10.3 (Jun. 12th, 2018)


  • Added a button to access the FTL Worksheet on the Flight report page

Fixes and improvements

  • Total Flight Hours on aircraft page is now displayed in correct format

  • Updated all dependencies

Pilot App 1.10.2 (May. 3rd, 2018)


  • iPad ready version

Pilot App 1.10.0 (Mar. 2th, 2018)


  • flight report duty variations: added a toggle/switch button to display/hide the ‘add’ variation form

  • added Fbo and Airport detailed views (+ added some informations to Customer detailed view)

  • leg detail view: added Fbos address & missing airport category

Fixes and improvements

  • auto refresh schedules when app is back from background

  • support manual url updated

  • crash & bug fixes

Pilot App 1.9.1 (Jan. 19th, 2018)

Fixes and improvements

  • crash & bug fixes

Pilot App 1.9.0 (Jan. 11th, 2018)


  • fuel units support: fuel values are now displayed with unit from company configuration. Pilots can fill an amount of refuelling (departure & arrival) & consumption in any unit supported (density can be asked in case of conversion between mass & volume type). All data is sent through flight report.

  • aircrafts: a maintenance note can be provided, a orange maintenance icon will be displayed on the aircraft cell in case one is available (can be seen in the Aircraft detailed view)

  • signature asked on validating flight report and signature view wrapped with a title & message + errors (such as ‘missing signature’) are now handled & an error alert is displayed to user

  • duty variations added in flight report. Pilots can now specify duty times variations for a specific crew member.

  • MOR (Mandatory Occurence Report) selector added in flight report

  • “flying pilot” (trigram) can be selected in flight report

Fixes and improvements

  • ‘ops’ letter has been added next to the flight type in the Leg detailed view

  • contact module improved: both phone & mobile numbers are now supported if provided (a 2 choices prompt will pop on call/message actions in case both are available)

  • fuel units spelling fixed

  • fuel units US/UK Gallons equivalencies are now correctly calculated

Pilot App 1.6.1 (Jun. 15th, 2017)

Fixes and improvements

  • fixed keychain stored credentials issue

Pilot App 1.6.0 (May. 31th, 2017)


  • customer (& passengers) additional informations (such as flight preferences) added (new detailed view accessible through leg customer/passengers cells). A cell with a blue chevron indicates at least 1 additional information is provided. Navigation between passengers details is possible with top-right buttons.

Fixes and improvements

  • all project dependencies (libraries) upgraded to most recent version

Pilot App 1.5.0 (May. 15th, 2017)


  • flight report fuel unit & density selectors added (allow pilot to choose between Pounds, Liters, US Gallons & Imperial Gallons units which amount will be converted to equivalent in Pounds)

  • aircrafts now displays total flight hours & landings in detailed view

  • role Observer added

Fixes and improvements

  • bug fix & API changes

Pilot App 1.4.0 (Apr. 4th, 2017)


  • sales report added (allow you to submit a comment information to sales)

  • captain discretion handled and displayed (on Duty resume view) if provided

  • maintenance & ECTM next due date, hours & cycles limits added on aircraft detail view

  • last full, cabin & outside cleanings informations added on aircraft detail view

  • leg flight number added

Fixes and improvements

  • fatigue levels order is fixed

  • errors more detailed on acknowledges

Pilot App 1.3.0 (Nov. 17th, 2016)


  • sales report added (allow you to submit a comment information to sales)

  • tutorial manual access from support view (help button)

  • next maintenance due date added to Aircraft detail view

  • add passengers weight

  • commercial informations added

  • pax number added to Leg resume view, dark greyed if 0 (empty leg)

  • it will be displayed with orange color in case of change by ops

  • flight logs are all locally acknowledged (pilots are not supposed to ack a past event)

  • design updated for Rest cell, NABO is a date-time

  • handover clear button added (+ secured by confirmation popup)

  • oil eighths value formatted with “/8” suffix (on input release)

  • access to flight reports if filled from All Flights (role PilotRD only)

  • access to flight report improved (no sync waiting)

  • fatigue report added

  • reports are now accessible 2 hours before flight

Fixes and improvements

  • flight report fuel remaining (fuelOnBoard) synchro improved

  • auto refresh schedules after report successfully validated

  • reports errors more detailed on submit or validation

  • ‘whoami’ feature: see connected user infos on Support view

  • UI issues patched

  • iOS10 & Swift 3 compatible

  • date formats more human readable (nabo, last updated..)

  • bug fixes (planning activities duplicate)

  • minor improvements