Sales documents

generate documents

OpenJet 360 can generate quotations, pro formas, invoice, credit notes and boarding pass automatically according to specific templates.


Contact us regarding your need on document templates. We will do our best to match OpenJet’s document to your templates.


Click on New Quotation/Flight Confirmation/Pro Forma/Invoice/Boarding Pass to generate a new document. If anything is changed in the reservation, the up-to-date status will show NO. In case of invoices, a credit note will be generated each time the up-to-date turns to NO.


In case of chartering, a new section will appear above the document section, allowing you to override the automatic filling of the documents. The fields are not mandatory. If not filled, the document will show the default information coming from the reservation.


To generate any document, the customer must be set. To generate an invoice or a boarding pass, the status of the reservation must not be pending.

Click on eye to view the document in HTML format, or on the download to download it in PDF format.
The mail symbol on the far right column opens a window allowing you to directly send an email with the document attached.

Document edition


Old data will be erased on submission. Please manage consistency.
e.g. A modification on additional service will not automatically update global price
It is also possible to override the pre-filled datas of a document by clicking on edit.
This will open a popup window were you will be able to edit field with different information depending on your templates, like description, dates, price, etc..