Configuration : Operator

This page is accessible using the menu Configure > General.

This page will be filled by the OpenJet team during the setup of your platform. You may want to have a look to check the information or update your contact informations, logo, etc…


This section is about all the contact informations of your company. The city entered will be used in the header of the documents generated by OpenJet 360 (Quotations, invoices etc..).


These email addresses will be copied in some emails sent by OpenJet 360. For example, the default OPS email will receive a copy of any FBO request, allowing you to check the actual sending of the request.

You can specify the sender for Sales Documents : Sales or Current user email address.

You can choose the departing email address from which to send Sales documents: Sales or Ops Email or User email.

Document Customization

For Sales documents, you can tick Terms & Agreements customization to edit those fields at reservation level.

The default content for Cancellation terms, Payment terms and Special Agreement can be set there.


For the pricing strategy, refer to the pricing section of this guide.

You may choose or not to round the flight times calculated by OpenJet 360.

Credentials for third party interfaces are to be set there.

Language Settings

This section allows you to set default languages, numbers and date format.