Our partnership with Avinode, connects buyers of the world’s largest marketplace for air charter to your available charter flights We transfer our clients scheduled data (on request), so they can easily accept new opportunities. Our quotation features work together in close harmony and creates a new source of revenue for your company.


Planning synchronization

Once the integration with Avinode is activated, aircraft availability information are automatically uploaded to the Avinode Marketplace. This allows to only retrieve quotation requests for aircraft that are available for the flight.

Request for quotation (RFQ)


Buyers use the Avinode Marketplace to find suitable aircraft for their customers’ trips. Buyers normally send requests for quotes (RFQs) to multiple sellers for each trip. The sellers can use the online Avinode Marketplace to respond to these RFQs.

Avinode quotation requests view allow to automatically retrieve all RFQ (Request for quotation) available for your company directly within OpenJet platform. RFQ is what a buyer sends to the seller when they want to ask for quotes for a specific trip. It contains information about who the buyer is and the itinerary of the trip:

  • Customer: The identity of the buyer.

  • Segment(s): The itinerary of the trip. An RFQ can contain several segments, each one related to a specific itinerary.

  • Lift: Each lift represents something the buyer has specifically asked to get a quote for. It can be an actual aircraft (i.e. a tail number) , a type (e.g. Falcon 7X) or a category (e.g. Heavy Jet).

  • Pax: The number of pax.

Quick details about all of these information are available by simply hovering it.

Responding to RFQs

The sales team can then respond a quote in OpenJet and send it to the buyer by uploading it back to the Avinode Marketplace. Alternatively, the RFQ can be declined if there is no availability for this trip or can’t perform it for some other reason.

You can access RFQ details by simply clicking on it. This will open the overview drawer that summarizes all information about this RFQ:


Clicking on a lift will give you access to specific information like the status and the possibility to decline the RFQ for this lift, price estimation, and the last proposal.


When responding to an RFQ you have the possibility to make a proposal for one or several lifts. By default the proposal is filled with the OpenJet estimate price (for more information please refer to Price section), but of course, users have the possibility to override it and propose their own price.


If there is no availability for this trip or you can’t perform it for some other reason, you also have the possibility to decline this RFQ. A declined RFQ cannot be responded to again.

RFQ(s) Status

To be able to sort out RFQ(s), each RFQ have a status:

-Accepted: This status mean that YOU have accepted this RFQ and make a proposal to the buyer for one or several lifts.


The Accepted status does not mean that the buyer has also accepted your proposal ! Unfortunately, this part of the process (further communications with the buyer, and the final acceptance of the proposal) needs to be done manually using Avinode marketplace.

-Unanswered: You have not made any proposals for this RFQ nor decline it

-Cancelled: The RFQ has been cancelled by the buyers. A canceled request cannot be responded to.

-Declined: You have declined this RFQ because there is no availability for this trip or you can’t perform it for some other reason.



You will find two prices for each RFQ:

-Avinode price is calculated with the pricing profile that the operator has provided to Avinode for calculating normal charter requests. This price should only be used as a rough indication of what the final price could be.

-OpenJet price give you an estimate of what it would cost to operate the whole trip. This price is calculated using the default B2C pricing profile set by the operator (For more information please refer to Pricing section of the documentation.) and include all positioning flights necessary to operate all segments based on the aircraft planning.

Creating a reservation

When you have accepted the RFQ, and get the formal acceptance of your proposal by the buyer, you have the possibility to directly generate a reservation based on the information of the RFQ by simply open it (once accepted) and click on “Reservation”.


Once the form validated, a new reservation will be automatically created with the related itinerary, customer, aircraft and price according to the last accepted proposal or the price you have manually defined.