Create and Manage Reservations


All times showed in the reservations, documents and lists are Local Times.

Reservation lists

In OpenJet 360, reservations are used to create a quotation, and manage the commercial part of the flight when booked.

The reservation list is accessible under Reservation > Reservations

The reservation list display reservations according to the filter used on the list.

  • The first column displays the reservation number which is automatically generated based on operator settings. You can click on the reservation number to quickly access the related reservation

  • The second column displays all legs of the reservation and their departure time:



Sectors displayed in light gray are past flight, red sectors are canceled flights.

  • The column called Status allows you to have a quick overview of the current state of the reservation.


The first indication is the state of the reservation. Possible states are:

  • Pending Reservation has been created but not booked.

  • Booked Reservation is booked and is being handled by Ops.

  • Option Client has hold the reservation. Ops has received the reservation with an “on hold” status.

  • Charter Reservation will be flown by another operator.

  • Canceled Reservation has been canceled. Cancellation is possible from any previous state.

The remaining indications, Quotation, Flight Confirmation, Proforma, Invoice and Boarding Pass are red when no such document has been created or if the last document is not up to date (changes made to the reservation).

New estimate

The new estimate page (Reservation > New estimate) allows you to have a quick estimate of the price for a one-way flight without creating a reservation.

The button Create a reservation triggers the new reservation form pre-filled with aircraft type, origin and destination.

The estimate page (Reservation > estimate) allows you to have a quick access to all the previous estimate that was created.

Create and edit a reservation

You can create a new reservation using an estimate or directly on New reservation. Complete the form with the informations for the first leg and click Create.

You will be now redirected to the reservation editing page.

Change reservation status

On the top of the page is the reservation status button, allowing you to change the status.

  • Send to Ops will send the flight to ops with no assignment and change the status to booked

  • Option will send the flight to ops with the on hold status

  • Cancel will cancel the reservation

  • Chartering will switch the status to Charter

  • Declined will decline the reservation with the possibility to specify the reason of the decline.


Next to the status indication, you find a button which triggers the optimisation to verify the availability of the flights.

This will automatically check if an aircraft and a crew are theorically available for these flights. If the optimisation engine detect an available combination of aircraft/crew, this will finally check for conflict (e.g. missing qualification for an airport, overlap with the actual calendar). If there is no conflict detected this will confirm the theorical availability.


Once the pending status is over, you will see Available in green or Not available in red.

Edit flights and services

Each reservation contain a Sales section which will allow you to switch between legs, empty legs and additional services section.

The trip of the reservation is shown in the legs section.


To add a leg, use Add flight and Add return buttons. The second one will trigger the new leg form with departure and arrival already filled. Once you click in ADD, the new leg will be added and the pricing will be recalculated for the entire reservation.


Empty legs and overnights are automatically created and quoted based on the trip and aircraft’s base(s).

Next to each leg, different buttons allows you different action on that leg:

  • flight-edit Edit leg to change any element of the leg (departure time, airports, pax number).

  • flight-files Attach files to the related flight.

  • flight-comment Add comment link to the related flight.

  • flight-price Change price of the flight. For more details please refer to the Price edit section below.

  • flight-availability Check availability of the related flight which triggers the optimisation engine to verify the availability of the flight.

  • flight-delete Remove leg

Price edit

You can also quickly check the estimated price of each pricing profile for the flight by hovering the price of each flight

The Price can be manually changed by clicking on it. You may change the hourly rate, apply or discount or change the leg price directly.


Once changed the old price and the new price will be displayed as follows:


Switching pricing Profiles

You can switch between all pricing profiles provided you set B2B destination channel for those channels. Switching Pricing Profile will recalculate commercial and empty legs prices and all fees set in the pricing profile.

You can simply switch between each profile by clicking on flight-pricing-profile

Pricing profile with a star icon next to their title mean that this is the default profile (defined by system based on the pricing profile calendar and interval) for this reservation.

Empty legs

Empty legs are created depending your current pricing profile. You may delete them with the cross or change their price by clicking on the price.

To add another empty leg, click on add-empty-leg.

Additional Services

Some Additional Services which are part of the pricing will be automatically created (Overnights, Start-up fee etc.). You may delete them or change their price manually in the same way.

To add any other service (e.g. Catering, De-Icing), click on the additional service tab, then click on add service.



Go to page Pricing > Additional Services page to create or edit an additional service type.


This section will be automatically calculated with the inputs made above. Click on the tax amount the view the detailed taxes.



You can select a currency and update the exchange rate. Changes are taken into account by clicking on update.


When selecting a currency, the related exchange rate value is pre-filled compared to your default currency, based on the current European Central Bank publication.


Paying customer

In this section, you define the paying customer. Click on + Add customer Enter the name or part of the name in the customer field an wait for the search results.

If there is no match because the customer does not exist, use Create customer to directly create a customer without leaving the popup.

A window with the new customer form will appear.

Fill it and click on create: the new customer will be created and selected for the reservation.


You have the possibility to add a contact to the customer. This will allow you to send the document to several contacts.

Once selected, customer details will be displayed at the top of the reservation. From there, you can change the comments on that customer directly, and have a look at the statistics.

Send Comments

These comments will be visible on any leg attached to the reservation. Comments to All are visible by Sales, Ops and Pilot.


Enter here the passengers. Passengers are handled like customers in OpenJet 360, so follow the same process as for customers to add a new passenger.


Use btn-pax to add another passenger.


  • Click on the star to set the passenger a Lead Passenger. The crew will be notified accordingly on their app.

  • Click on the bin to remove the passenger from the leg

  • Click on the name to access the passenger’s profile.

  • The weight will be the standard weight according to the passenger’s gender or the passenger’s weight if specified on its profile. Contact to change your standard weights.

By clicking on btn-luggage, you can enter luggages weight and monitor remaining payload available:



Remaining payload is based on the Payload/autonomy chart set for the aircraft type. It is an indication and should never be considered accurate or reflecting aircraft’s mass & balance data.


OpenJet 360 can generate quotations, pro formas, invoice, credit notes and boarding pass automatically according to specific templates.


Contact us regarding your need on document templates. We will do our best to match OpenJet’s document to your templates.


Click on New Quotation/Flight Confirmation/Pro Forma/Invoice/Boarding Pass to generate a new document. If anything is changed in the reservation, the up-to-date status will show NO. In case of invoices, a credit note will be generated each time the up-to-date turns to NO.


In case of chartering, a new section will appear above the document section, allowing you to override the automatic filling of the documents. The fields are not mandatory. If not filled, the document will show the default information coming from the reservation.


To generate any document, the customer must be set. To generate an invoice or a boarding pass, the status of the reservation must not be pending.

Click on eye to view the document in HTML format, or on the download to download it in PDF format.
The mail symbol on the far right column opens a window allowing you to directly send an email with the document attached.
You also have the possibility to edit a document and override pre-filled datas by clicking on flight-edit


This section displays the operational informations on the flight (Aircraft, Crew, FBO etc…).


All changes made to the reservation are recorded in the log.