Manage your Users

User management is accessible through the menu User > Users. The right to manage users is by default granted to the Admin role. Remember: this can be changed as you prefer, contact for any changes related to roles and rights.

To view and edit an existing user, click on edit. To create a new user, click Add New. The form for creating or editing a user are the same, except for the password fields.

Create a User

Fill out all the fields in the form. We recommend using the Email as username.

Check Is active to activate this user access.


If the user is to be linked to an existing aircrew, select the aircrew in the list.


Aircrew and users are two separate entities in OpenJet. To link a user to an existing aircrew, make sure that the related aircrew has already been created. You can also create the user first, then create the aircrew and link the two together afterward. For more information about Aircrew, please refer to Manage your crews section.

Choose a password and submit. The user is now created and active.

Deactivate a user

To deactivate a user, just uncheck the box Enabled. The access for this user is then suspended.