Flight List

Flight operations are managed on the page Flight > Flight list.


This view displays all flights planned or waiting for assignation. The flights are ordered chronologically according to their departure date and time.


Sector are displayed like this:


From left to right: Aircraft icon (color is changing depending on chosen aircraft) / Aircraft registration / Departure airport / Departure date / Arrival date / Arrival airport / Crew trigram / Number of pax / Status panel

Additional icon can be displayed in specific case:

  • Conflict: leg-conflict a conflict has been detected between the sales reservation and the flight (e.g. departure date has changed) and must be resolved.

  • Deletion: leg-delete this flight has been cancelled or declined by the sales team and needs to be deleted from the planning.

Pending Flights

Pending flights are flights sent by Sales awaiting aircraft and crew assignation. A pending flight will appear in light grey with the mention “pending” as shown below:


To handle this flight request. Simply click on the flight and the flight management drawer will appear:


In the overview tab of the drawer you will be able to handle and manage the flight by assigning it to an aircraft and a crew. Once an aircraft has been assigned, the flight will change its color to the aircraft color:


Flight status will also appears as OpenJet is now able to verify and validate each part of the flight.

Flight management

To access flight management and details, click on the flight. This Drawer will appear on the right side:


Each tab of the drawer relates to a part of the Flight and allows users to manage the flight in order to be operated in a safe manner.

Status panel and quick flight overview

The status panel gives you an overview of the flight. If there is no red on the panel, The flight is ready to be performed:


Each icon is linked to specific parts of the flight:

status-overview Flight overview: section which relates to Routing, Ops, Sales, Aircraft, Pilot App, Checklist and Crew section.
status-ftl FTL: which relates to crew flight time limitation and crew/aircraft planning restriction.
status-airport Airport: which relates to Notam, FBO, Quafilication section.
status-service Service: which relates to Hotel service and catering section.
status-comment Comment

Also, by hovering a flight OpenJet will show a tooltip displaying the Flight overview of this flight which allow user to precisely know which part of the flight needs to be managed: (for more information, please refer to Flight overview section)


Flight overview

The complete flight overview can be found when opening the drawer which gives you a complete overview of the flight. Each part of the flight is linked to his own status that will allow you to know what action needs to be done to be able to perform the flight at a glance. If there is no red on the panel, the flight is ready to be performed.

  • Routing: red means there is a routing error with previous or next flight. (e.g. departure airport is different from airplane location)

  • Sales: red means that a change has occurred on the sales side and a conflict between sales reservation and operation flight needs to be resolved (e.g. departure time has changed)

  • OPS: turn green if all items of the OPS tab of the drawer are validated (these items are customizable upon request), for all flights of the mission.

  • Aircraft: shows green if an aircraft has been assigned and there is no overload detected (based on sales information about passenger and luggage weight)

  • NOTAM: turn green if NOTAMs have been checked for all flights.

  • FBO: click on the indicator to manage and send your FBO request for the mission. Select the flights for which you wish to send the request and click send. You will receive a copy of the request in the default OPS email. You can manually switch the status for each FBO request. Turn it green when the FBO has acknowledged the request.

  • Crew: turn green if an available crew has been assigned. Also check that crew’s endorsement and qualification are OK for this flight. Red can also related to uncategorized airport.

  • Pilot App: red means that no flight has been acknowledged by the crew, blue means it has been partially acknowledged (click on the indicator for details) and green means the mission has been entirely acknowledged.

  • FTL: this box will show orange (warning) or red (alarm) if there is any FTL issue, green otherwise. Click on the indicator to view the error message. A link will guide you to the pilot’s planning for more information.

  • Qualif: if an airport needs a qualification, this indicator will show red until a qualified captain has been assigned. It will then show green. If qualification required only in some weather conditions, it will show orange if the captain is not qualified.

  • Extended: shows green if the duty is extended according to FTL regulation. (Europe)

  • Split: shows green if the duty is split according to FTL regulation. (Europe)

  • Hotel: click on the indicator to set the hotel booking status. If you check a “to do” or “requested” box, indicator will show red or blue (if an “ok” box is also checked) and green if only “ok” boxes are checked.

  • Catering: this indicator works like the hotel indicator.

  • Service: this indicator works like the hotel indicator.


The CFMU service is being created and provided using electronic data products which have been created and made available by the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL). All rights reserved.