Manage your crews

OpenJet 360 offers you a range of tools to manage and monitor your crews.

Adding a new crew

  1. Create crew

Go to Crew > Crew List and click on Create. Fill out the form with at least the mandatory informations :

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Initials is a 3 letter code, used across the operations feature (planning, pairing, flight list) to identify the crew without writing the full name.

  • Occupation

  • Weight

  • Email

  • Base Airports

  • Airport qualifications and expiry dates

Click Save at the bottom right of the window. You have now created a new pilot.

  1. Create user linked to crew

Refer to User management to link an OpenJet360 user to a crew.

  1. Set pairing

Go to the page Crew > Pairing. This is used to set pairing between two crews (“Who can fly with whom”). The vertical scale lists all captains (left seat) and on the horizontal line all captains and first officers (right seat) are listed. Simply click on a cell to set the pairing to OK (green) or Forbidden (red). See Flight Operations for the effects of pairing. .. TODO: which section to reference ?

In the same way, on the page Crew > Pairing Crew/Aircraft you can manage the aircraft qualifications of your crews.

Your crew is now ready for operations.


OpenJet allows you to completely manage your crew’s schedule.

Based on these schedules, the software will be able to automatically compute a lot of important information such as FTL limitation but also give you an overview on FTL compliance of futur flights, give you advice on how dispatch crew or help you to determine if there is no obstacle to operate a flight.

Please refer to ref-crew-scheduling section for more information.


OpenJet monitors your crews based on FAR135.267 regulation or EU-OPS Subpart Q. FTL can be monitored at three different locations:

  • Status Sections of a crew’s page to monitor total flight time or total duty time over different periods.

  • Flight list via the FTL warning (see Flight Operations)

  • Individual Planning for Duty or Rest warnings.

Airport Qualification

If you wish to use OpenJet 360 to manage your crew’s Airport Qualification, you must first set an airport as requiring special qualification. Refer to Airports section.

On a crew’s page, simply click on Add Airport Qualification and set an expiration date. This will influence the crew choice and warning panel in the flight list. See Flight Operations for more details.

Expiry dates

If you wish to monitor crew’s expiry dates (medical, certificate, recurrent training and checking), you may use the page Crew > Expiry dates. Create your item in the list and add corresponding dates for each pilot:


For each entry, you can add a control date with the initial date of the endorsement for proof check and a comment textfield for an URL link to a remote scan of documents.

You may also set all expiration dates for one particular crew, on her/his crew page and choose alphabetical or chronological order:


The color used:

  • Blue: Expires within 90 days.

  • Orange: Expires within 30 days.

  • Red: Expired.

On the crew list, the “Status” column displays items about to expire with the appropriate color code. Click on the bubble to have details.


The page Crew > Expiration dates also gives you an overview of these items and allows you to easily monitor expiration dates.